Providing Specimens

Arranging your blood test

Please book an appointment for your blood test at Queen’s Hospital, Hill Street Medical Centre or Sir Robert Peel by using the following link: or by telephoning the Patient Access Centre on 01283 593200.

Specimens (urine/stool/swab samples)

All specimens must be provided in a suitable container and marked clearly with Name, DOB, Date provided and reason for the specimen.

Failure to do so may mean that the test will need to be repeated – Please note that when bringing in a sample to the surgery, only samples in the correct container can be accepted. These are available from reception.

We often receive samples that are unlabelled and there is no clinical information.  We simply cannot process such samples. If you have contacted the Surgery and you are asked to provide a sample please ensure that it is in the correct container with the details filled out and that you give as much information as possible to the receptionist so this can be entered onto your notes. The receptionists have a checklist to ensure the clinician has all the relevant information.

If someone is handing the sample in on your behalf they will need to know all of the above information as without this the sample will be rejected.

It is important to get samples to the laboratory and processed as soon as possible. Please ensure you drop off any samples before 12.00, Monday to Friday. Samples are normally collected by 1pm by the hospital courier..