Abdominal Symptoms of Cancer Campaign: Help Us Help You


Abdominal Symptoms of Cancer Campaign: Help Us Help You

NHS England and NHS Improvement, together with Public Health England, are launching the ‘Abdominal Cancers’ phase of the ‘Help Us, Help You’ campaign, to highlight that persistent tummy troubles could be signs of cancer. The campaign encourages people who have been suffering from diarrhoea, bloating or discomfort in the tummy area for three weeks or more to speak to their GP.

·    If you’ve had tummy troubles for three weeks or more, tell your GP – they may want to see you and you won’t be wasting their time

·    Persistent tummy troubles that can be possible signs of cancer include:

o  Diarrhoea

o  Being bloated most days

o  Discomfort in the tummy area

o  Constipation

o  Nausea/feeling sick

o  Blood in your poo

·    If you have any of these for three weeks or more, tell your GP. You should also speak to your GP if you notice any other unusual changes, like a lump in the tummy area, post-menopausal bleeding or unexplained weight loss, as these can also be signs of cancer

·    Around 310,000 people are diagnosed with cancer in England each year

·    In England, around 84,000 people are diagnosed with abdominal cancers each year

·    Early diagnosis and treatment of cancer can save lives

·    While the number of urgent cancer referrals is back up to 85% of pre-COVID levels, there are some people who may have worrying symptoms who are still not contacting their GP.

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